RateMe! is a simple & easy to use rating tool for hostels.

What’s so special about RateMe! ?

- RateMe! is free and independent from any booking engine
- RateMe! does not want to sell anything to anybody
- Hostels can invite guests to use RateMe!
- Widgets make it dead simple to add RateMe! to your website + facebook page
- New ratings can get posted directly to your Facebook Wall, right where they belong in order to market
your hostel in social networks

How do I use RateMe! as Hostel?

- read how to add a hostel + follow the steps 1-5
- log into Facebook + install the RateMe! App
- place widgets for RateMe! Badge, Stream + Form on your website
- invite fans to rate via Facebook
- invite guests to rate via e-mail

Enjoy! (+ rate us!)